Products and services

S 1 – Manned Security Service
Security officer is located in a premises and takes care of all security issues, makes sure the building is secure and that none unauthorised personnel are in the building.

S 2 – Manned Security Construction sides
Security officer is located on a construction side. 115 Security installes gate to control traffic and sets up a control station.

S 3 – Retail Services
115 Security offers a wide range of a Retail Services. We manage and run retail shops during the night hours for our customer and do all the main retail tasks as well as protecting assets. Among tasks that we do is operating the cash registers, we do product displaying, loss prevention, receiving etc.

S 4 – Mobile Security
Our security guards visits premises randomly during night hours. They make sure that the premises is secure, that all windows are closed and that none unauthorised personell are in the building etc.

S 5 – Event Security
We do event security at events like concerts, school dances etc.

S 6 – Security Cameras
115 Security specialises in selling and installing security cameras with a focus on the IP technology. Our customers can do their own surveilance via the internet. For example if they live in Norway but have a summerhouse in Spain they can watch live streaming of their house via internet from a security camera located in Spain.

S 7 – Secure Cleaning Service
Our company provides a comprehensive and secure general commercial cleaning service tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the customer.
All of our services are security based for the protection of our customer sensitive business premises. Our cleaning employees go through the same security screaning as security officers.

S 8 - Fire Alarm System
115 Security offers a full range of fire alarm systems. Our technicians have years of experience in installing and servicing fire alarm systems.

S 9 – Access Control System
We offer high quality access control systems. Our products ensure complete project flexibility, providing ideal solutions for every type of installation.

S 10 – Intruder Alarms
115 Security offers wide range of intruder alarms for both residential market and businesses. Our focus is on a wireless GSM/GPRS solutions which offer more flexibility than the conventional alarm systems.

S 11 – EAS
115 Security offers a wide range of EAS systems that use one or more pedestals or antennas configured to create a surveillance zone at exits or checkout lanes. We also offer all kinds of EAS accessories such as RF/EM/AM reusable hard tags, alarm tags, dispoable soft label, magnetic bar, lanyard, bottle tag, optic tag etc. Our EAS products are available to all EAS systems such as Checkpoint, Sensormatic, Gateway, Sidep, Dialoc, D.T.C. Meto, Certus, 3M, Shopguard, WG, BMI, Ketec etc.

S 12 – Cash in Transit
We transfer money and other precious goods in a safe and secure way.

S 13 – Monitoring center
We offer our customers to connect their security systems to a monitoring center which operates 24/7.

S 14 – Close protection
115 Security has a special unit of highly trained close protection officers that are prepared and dedicated to ensure the safety of personel,families and properties.

S 15 – VIP Services
115 Security designs, coordinates and implements all aspects of the strategies for protection of VIP´s including public figures, politicians and excecutives.



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